IPTV Extreme App - Android TV and Box

Our Packages are resonable as compared to the market.

Android TV and Box

2. Install and open the app and your “MAC ADDRESS” will be on the first page of the app. (green ring is your MAC address)
Then go to their website www.iptvextreme.eu
– Enter your MAC ADDRESS in the field “MAC Address”

5. Fill in the four boxes as follows:

First box: nordic iptv king

Second box: the username in your m3u link (username = available in link)

Third box: the password in your m3u link (password = available in link)

6. Select ADD USER.

7. Now select your user and let the app upload.

Live TV / Movies / Series

You can find the channels on LIVE TV

You can find the films at Movies

The series can be found at Series